Minnehaha’s Running rigging and main sail


The boat’s running rigging and main sail.

It was requested that I show pictures of the boat’s running rigging   I am attaching photos of :

  • the pit with the electric winches, color coded lines and jammers;
  • the front of the boom attached to the mast and the sail and sail cradle;
  • the forward inside helm station;
  • one of two dagger boards- one on each side of the boat.

At this point, for more information and specifics, you would have to ask Doug but that would mean you would have to pull him away from his continuous tinkering and adjusting of the sails.  He is a ‘man possessed’ and loving every second.

Front of boom 61417

Boom attached to mast

Forward inside helm station.

Inside forward aft helm

Pit & running rigging 61217

Cockpit with electric winches

Boom and sail cradle

Main sail and sail cradle

Dagger board

Port dagger board

Pit & running rigging2 61217

Cockpit w electric winches

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  1. Kim Ode · June 16, 2017

    Holy crap! We’ve been accused of having a lot of lines on Mariah, but she looks likes she’s wearing a g-strong compared to Minnehaha. Respectful that you manage all of that. I’m loving this blog. The videos – yikes. The beanbag morning ritual – nice. Sail happy!

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