Au Revoir Savannah

July 19, 2017  Au Revoir to Savannah

Barring any further delays and if the weather cooperates, we are departing from Savannah tomorrow morning.  Rowland has rejoined us on board.   Our current plan is to sail directly to the New York area rather than the Chesapeake, an estimated distance of 700 miles.  We believe we can arrive in 3-4 days if all goes well.

While our time in the Savannah area has been longer than expected, it provided the opportunity for us to really get a feel for the people, culture and the land and I will look back with great memories of our experience.  These are some of the things that I will forever associate with Savannah:

  • Savannah’s famous ‘squares’, surrounded by the enormous Live Oaks with hanging Spanish Moss, are truly beautiful and do not disappoint when you finally see them in person.
  • I loved the expansive salt marshes. They reminded me of the vast prairies of the Midwest – acres and acres of waving grass.  Too vast to be able to get a good photo.  Long, long wooden walkways through the marsh are everywhere and provide the access to peoples’ boats.
  • I now know how someone of the Baptist faith must feel coming to the upper Midwest and discovering a Lutheran church on every corner.  There is an abundance of Baptist churches in Savannah
  • Southern hospitality is alive and well. Everywhere we went (and I mean EVERYWHERE) we were unfailingly greeted with a genuine, warm smile and a polite, friendly greeting made more charming with that wonderful Southern accent.   I have never been called ma’am, sweetie, honey, dear, or baby by so many strangers in my whole life (well maybe at a truckers convention long ago), not to mention ‘how y’all doin?’
  • Children and teenagers are so polite. ‘Yes, ma’am’;’ Thank you ma’am’; ‘Can I help you ma’am?’ were the norm, not the exception, and were offered without prompting by their parents.
  • We had great fun getting to know the staff here at TMI. Wonderful storytellers full of humor and Southern colloquialisms.  Not only could they fix things, they were very entertaining.
  • An abundance of Georgia peaches ripened on the tree. What more can a peach lover ask for?

As we head north towards New York, I can’t help but think of the difference in the two regions. We’ve never explored Long Island Sound and the Hamptons so we are looking forward to that.  Perhaps sailing by the Statue of Liberty.  But first we must arrive there, so au revoir Savannah.  Here we come New York.  Wish us luck everyone.


One of the beautiful squares in historic Savannah


Gorgeous live oaks are everywhere


A long way thru the salt marsh to get to your boat

626 Baptist churches everywhere in Savannah

Baptist churches on every corner

61817 We are not in mn any more

Local Wendy’s. Besides the dirty cover what do you notice . Three sweet tea dispensers to 1 unsweetened.

7417 Good to know tybee island

Well here are signs we don’t see in Minnesota- right in front of the Tybee City Hall

71517 Savannah River from River Walk

Talmadge Bridge over Savannah River along River Walk in downtown old Savannah

71517 ship on Savannah river by River Walk

Eating dinner along the River Walk and along comes this  big ole freighter right by us.


I may leave Georgia but I’m taking a peach pie for the road…er the sea.


  1. Toni · July 20, 2017

    Wow Deb, as usual you send wonderful blogs and beautiful pictures. Thank you so much and please keep them coming. It makes us feel not so far away from the two of you. Good luck, be safe and enjoy your journey !!!⛵️

  2. Let It Be · July 23, 2017

    I hope the trip is going well or that it went well. Enjoy those cooler temperatures!
    As I keep saying, great blog! Love your writing.
    (Mary Grace)

    • minnehahasailing · July 24, 2017

      We are almost to New York. Had couple rough nights of sailing. Minnehaha handled the winds and rough seas wonderfully and Doug was great at the helm. Glad we had Rowland with us..he and Doug work well together and his exerience is invaluable. I’ll be glad to get settled at a dock for few days…tired of rough seas.

      • Let It Be · July 24, 2017

        So glad to hear you are almost there! Ugh on the rough seas… I still have issues with seasickness so I hate that you had uncomfortable weather. So glad Doug enjoyed the sailing and had Rowland there as reference. You are so smart to have him join you. Enjoy NY… it would be a very fun experience to leave your boat and hop on a subway to explore the city. Have fun!

  3. laurie · July 23, 2017

    What a lovely part of the country. I see a novel in your future, Deb!

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